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Unparallel Souped UP

Size: UK 5

The Unparallel Souped UP is an ultra high performance, super soft modern climbing shoe designed to crush on indoor comp-style boulder problems as well as softer, slopier rock types outdoors.

Downturned and aggressive, the super soft Souped UP is the perfect climbing shoe for athletic boulders and overhanging terrain. With a split sole across the bottom of the shoe comprising Unparallel's ultra-sticky Real Supreme rubber (RS), the Souped UP is incredibly flexible and can conform to any smear. Interestingly, the Souped UP's sole also contains sections of Unparallel's stiffer RH rubber which should help with durability in high wear areas and boost edging performance, adding some rigidity to the toe box. With a VD rubber toe patch, the Souped UP is more than prepared for any modern day hooking move.

With the unlined uppers being made from synthetic, man made Tirrenina Suede, the Souped UP won't just be comfy but should keep its shape and profile without too much stretch over prolonged periods of wear. Crucially for the Souped UP, getting in and out of the shoe is much easier and far more pleasant than it has been on previous Unparallel models. Now made with a split tongue that opens nice and wide and offset pull tabs similar to most other top end climbing shoes, getting into the Souped UP is a dream. 


If you require some assistance with sizing this climbing shoe to your particular needs click here: Rock Climbing Shoe Sizing Guide

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  • Lining: Non
  • Midsole: Synthetic Midsole
  • Outsole: 3.5mm UP RS
  • Upper: Synthetic Leather
  • Closure: Single Strap VCR
  • Weight: 424g (pair UK 8)

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Ari G
    Great Shoe

    Slightly stiffer than a drago but very soft rubber. Good shoe. Easier to pull on than Flagship. Street shoe Uk11. Own Flagship in 10.5. Picked these up in 10. One session to break in.

    Samuel Storr
    Soft bouldering / indoors shoe

    Got these looking for a more robust replacement for the Scarpa furia air - something soft to train the feet. Very happy with how it feels. Similar to the Skwama vegans I use on steep routes outdoors, just a little less tensioned towards the big toe which translates better to smearing and gym volumes. They complement each other well as an outdoor/indoor pair. A bit wider at the front than the UP regulus or TN pro where I feel my toes almost over the edge of the shoe, I took a whole size down from street compared to half in the others for a tight but painless fit. The rounded front accommodates a roman foot well and with a bit of stretch I think they’ll improve. Will watch the longevity given the softness of the toe patch and some sloppy raised seams between parts of the shoe. The front of the toe rand sticks out so that will probably go first.

    Josiah Turner
    Great but not so great

    Honestly an amazing shoe, fits great, and is insanely grippy. However, the toe patch rubber wears away like no tomorrow - making the price hard to reason with.