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Wild Country Friends

Size: 0.4

The Wild Country Friends are now faster, smoother, lighter in use and are a superbly finished range of climbing cams.

The Friend is the original iconic camming device, but updated and lighter than ever, the new Wild Country Friends give you a wealth of excellent new design features, whilst managing to retain the trust that has been built with years of climbing. This could well be the most complete climbing cam available. 

Now built with a twin axle, but still maintaining the 13.75 constant cam angle, the performance of this cam is simply enhanced. The hollow axles have enabled the reduction in weight, and the extendable slings mean you can cut down on the number of quickdraws on your rack. Just a few of the excellent new features this new Friend has to offer! 


  • Hot forged cams
  • Hollow axles (patent pending)
  • High Frictioned machined cam faces
  • Original 13.75° camming angle
  • Wide rock friendly cam lobes
  • Advanced lightweight short termination
  • Trigger Stops
  • Ergonomic floating trigger design
  • Injection moulded ergonomic thumb stop
  • Thumb loop
  • 12mm Dyneema extendable sling


  • Camstops: Yes
  • Extendable Sling: Yes


    Size Weight Strength Range (mm) Colour
    0.4 75g 10/10kN 15.8-26.3 Grey
    0.5 88g 10/12kN 20.6-34.5 Purple
    0.75 102g
    25.8-43.0 Green
    1 123g
    31.7-53.6 Red
    2 142g
    41.5-69.3 Yellow
    3 192g
    52.7-88.0 Blue
    4 272g
    66.8-112.1 Grey

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