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Wild Country REVO

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The Wild Country REVO is the first Bi-Directional assisted breaking belay device that's both simple to use and safe for either beginner or experienced climbers. 

Cleverly designed and offering something totally new, the Wild Country REVOeliminates one of the most common causes of belay related accidents, with the Bi-Directional loading function. It doesn't matter which way you put the rope in, you cant actually load the device incorrectly as the locking function works regardless of the rope orientation. Irrespective of the situation, an uncontrolled descent will cause the inertia reel to activate, grip the rope and arrest the fall. The innovative panic-proof locking mechanism cant be over ridden and as such removes the need for a handle to unlock the system when lowering the climber.

The device is intuitive to use and feels the same as a traditional belay plate, only the Revo wheel makes the device feel super smooth as it allows the rope to paid out and taken in quickly. It accommodates a wide range of rope diameters and as it requires no change to standard belaying technique, it is suitable for beginners to learn how to belay correctly, whilst offering the safety backup of the assisted wheel locking mechanism. The Revo is suited to both the novice and expert climber alike, and the clever combination of features makes it the safest belay device on the market. 


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  • Rope Range: 8.5 to 11mm
  • Colour: Gunmetal/Tangerine 
  • EN Standard: EN 1515-1 TYP8
  • Includes Carabiner: No
  • Weight: 285g

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