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Adam Ondra & Alex Honnold Talk | Video

Weekend Psyche: Adam Ondra and Alex Honnold talk sport and big wall climbing.

Honnold and Ondra - two giants of the climbing world collide to talk everything from fame to the Olympics. From their respective ‘studio’ set ups, the two engage in an intriguing transatlantic Zoom style call (other brands are available); if you needed the last year summarising then two of our climbing icons ‘zooming’ should do it, folks.

The chatter obviously focusses on climbing and it’s fascinating to learn about their differing approaches to things like training, travel and projecting. There’s even tantalising mention of a potential future collaboration to tackle some of our sport’s infamous speed records. What’s most refreshing about their call is the absence of free solo talk. With Honnold’s free soloing feats often being the focus of any and every interview, it’s nice to hear Adam probe Alex about sport climbing projects and his physical training – it’s easy to forget, amidst the soloing hype, that Honnold is a mightily impressive sport climber too.

With Ondra having recently become a Youtube personality and Honnold on the cusp of launching his first podcast (26th March), ‘Climbing Gold’, this 30-minute video is a subtle teaser of more to come.