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Black Diamond | Brand Profile

Who are they?

Black Diamond’s lineage can be traced as far back as the late 1950’s when the famous Yosemite climber, Yvon Chouinard, started hand forging pitons and selling them from the back of his car in the hallowed Yosemite Valley. Black Diamond formally came about in 1989 when Chouinard Equipment Ltd. ran into financial and legal difficulty. The business was taken over and renamed by a group of former employees, spearheaded by Peter Metcalf. Black Diamond has subsequently taken the climbing and skiing gear world by storm, revolutionising industries with new technology and some of the highest quality kit that money can buy. This growth and success is cemented in the bricks and mortar of an ever expanding Salt Lake City base and headquarters in Europe (Switzerland) and Asia (China).

What is Black Diamond best known for?

Innovation and quality. Chouinard’s legacy lives on through new and revolutionary kit like the Black Diamond Camalots. The Camalot is BD’s stand out piece of kit, being a market leader as well an evolution of Chouinard’s original piton.

Where are Black Diamond products made?

Black Diamond products are made in Salt Lake City, Utah and Zhuhai, China.

Environmental Action

Black Diamond support environmental not-for-profit organisations, make concerted efforts to use renewable energy and recycle as much waste as possible. Black Diamond embody the ‘buy nice or buy twice’ ethic, making kit that stands the ultimate test of time.

What sets Black Diamond apart?

Steeped in iconic climbing heritage, Black Diamond have continued their Yosemite-born legacy through innovative designs and class leading kit. From a set of crampons to traditional climbing hardware, Black Diamond make every essential for the world of mountain sports, often crafting the best you can buy.

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