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UK Summer Bouldering - Coast to the Mountains | Video

How refreshing has it been to see some sunshine at last? Hopefully this is a sign of things to come as we look forward to a season of endless climbing possibility on our fair isle. This weekend’s video comes from Wedge Climbing, a super strong team of climbers documenting their impressive ascents from across the UK and some of Europe’s bouldering bastions. There’s a certain no nonsense, climbing focussed style to their videos which, complimented by some great tunes, is just what we’re after for some outdoor psyche.

This particular video takes us from the coast to the mountains, from outer esoterica to some the UK’s world class bouldering destinations. The UK simply has it all. A personal highlight for us at Rock+Run is the inclusion of some of our local hotspots - Hell Moss, St Bees and Woodwell. It’s certainly wet our appetite for a resplendent summer of climbing freedom. What about you? Where do you plan on climbing this summer? Well, if you need any inspiration then this video should have you covered – enjoy!