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Climbing and Training with Ned Feehally | Weekly Video

This week’s video is a Wedge channel feature on British climbing legend, Ned Feehally. Having just released his first book, ‘Beastmaking’, Ned chats about everything from writing the book to training around the British weather and targeting his weaknesses. Written for the normal climber, Beastmaking is Ned’s answer to a literature market flooded with extremely scientific and, in his own words, ‘geeky’ works for the very specific, committed climber. Instead, Beastmaking is Ned’s straightforward, approachable guide to the ins and outs of regular training.

Ned founded fingerboad company, Beastmaker, in 2007 alongside fellow bouldering legend, Dan Varian. The rest, as they say, is history. Aside from revolutionising finger training and becoming globally renowned, the Beastmaker’s original purpose was to help Dan and Ned get stronger which, of course, it did. This video highlights just how accomplished Ned is on the rock with an 8A flash of ‘Downstairs Mixup’ at the Sour Milk Gill boulders proving par for the course in a climbing career that has seen him climb 8C. The climbing speaks for itself but Ned’s true contribution to the climbing world has been his game changing approach to training – this video is the perfect insight into Ned’s pioneering process and his book is, no doubt, just as special.

If this video gets you motivated, then check out his book here: Beastmaking