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Organic Climbing | Brand Profile

By Morgan Cvetkovic-Jones

Who are they?

Organic Climbing was founded by committed boulderer and geologist, Josh Helke, in the summer of 2003. Having worked in the outdoor industry as a writer, photographer and hold maker, Josh witnessed the very first bouldering crash pad come to market in the US. What followed was a rat race to the bottom with companies battling it out to make the cheapest crash pad, forfeiting quality and sinking local, independent business in the process. Organic Climbing was Helke’s answer to the big business and dwindling quality, aiming to create bespoke, hand made pads and gear that truly reflected the dedication and love we all put into the sport.

What started as a small time venture out of the Helke’s Laramie home in Wyoming quickly grew into one of the most iconic climbing brands on the market – now based out of a central Pennsylvanian workshop with 8 full time members of staff.

What are Organic known for?

Organic Climbing make the most recognisable bouldering pads on sale today, synonymous with their patchwork patterns of bright colours and individual designs, Organic are one of the coolest climbing companies around. But, don’t be fooled, there’s some serious substance behind the style with Organic’s pads (and other products like clothes, chalk bags and rucksacks) being some of the most functional and durable on the market. Hand made by climbers, for climbers.

Where are Organic products made?

Every Organic product is handmade in their US warehouse.

Environmental action

Hand-making their products from materials solely sourced from within the US, Organic place environmental consciousness at their core, recycling and reusing as they go. In 2018, the Organic workshop was clad in 5000 sq/ft of solar panels with their entire operation now being powered by the sun.

What sets Organic apart?

Independent soul, style and substance.

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