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Climbing with Adam Ondra | Weekly Video

Collaborations or ‘collabs’ are a quintessential part of the content world, boosting profiles and combining skills. In this week’s video, Adam Ondra and Stefano Ghisolfi collaborate to take on Arco. With these two being at the pinnacle of the climbing game, the potential is endless in a playground like Arco which is teeming with untouched rock and open projects. One of the very best ways to improve as a climber is to climb with someone who is better than you. This should expose you to better techniques and climbing styles whilst giving you a huge motivational boost. If Stefano and Adam can apply this to their partnership then the potential is endless.

Arco is simply beautiful with striking crags and incredible rock. Adam’s second ascent ofTrofeo dell’Adriatico 9a+ is a real highlight, showcasing Arco’s variety and quality in a line first ascented by Italian local, Gabri Moroni. Opening and closing the video with two open projects, there’s no doubt we’ll be seeing more from these two soon. Enjoy!