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Ice Climbing With Magnus Midtbo | Weekly Video

The King of climbing’s YouTube scene is back with his latest video, this time from Saas-Fee in Switzerland, the host resort for this year’s UIAA ice climbing world championships. Magnus is there to check out the ice climbing game and, having never climbed with axes and crampons before, is introduced to the basics, both on ice and the dry tooling competition wall. In the capable hands of UIAA’s Robert Adie, Magnus experiences his first ice on the training top rope before heading out to some beautiful real ice.

Later in the video, Magnus meets the multi-talented Petra Klingler, a bouldering world champion AND an ice climbing world cup winner. Here Magnus comes into his own, experiencing the physical demands of the ice climbing competition wall for the first time. If you’re missing your winter Olympic fix then this video has come just in time. It’s great to see Magnus trying something new with more ice climbing content teased for the near future – enjoy!