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Just for Beta: The Lakes | Video

Dan Turner is back with another of his ‘Just for Beta’ videos, this edition being a compilation of some brilliant boulder problems from across the Lake District. Although the title is typically understated and may indeed exist for the purpose of beta sharing, this is exactly the kind of video I look for if I’m in need of an inspirational climbing hit. Raw footage of picturesque boulders. L'Apparramarra Assis is a particular highlight, featuring moves that look just as attractive as the boulder itself. All the blocs featured can be found in the excellent Lake District bouldering guidebook

One of the best things about Dan’s channel is the simplicity that comes with placing climbing footage at the core of his videos, forgoing the far-fetched or emotive storylines that seem to be the fashion for more commercially focussed content. Dan has been a constant figure at the top of UK’s bouldering scene, repeating and putting up some of the country’s proudest lines. His YouTube channel immortalises some of these quality ascents whilst gifting us spectacular sweeping panoramas and a look at some of the premier bouldering spots around the world. Enjoy...