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Operation Moffat | Weekly Video

This week’s video is a throwback to 2015’s Kendal Mountain Festival Best Climbing film, Operation Moffat, a colourful documentary about the life of Britain’s first female mountain guide, Gwen Moffat. Born in 1924, Gwen joined the army after the second world war as a driver for the Auxiliary Territorial Service but, having been introduced to climbing by a friend in the forces, she soon deserted to pursue an exciting life in the wilderness. Ever the pioneer, Gwen was known for climbing barefoot, swimming in freezing water and even wearing shorts on winter mountaineering trips.

Claire Carter tells Gwen’s tale and through her we’re able to vicariously live the experiences, the routes, places and pass times that defined Gwen’s life. Action aside, Gwen’s time in front of the camera is the real highlight as she looks back on her extraordinary life, capturing Gwen's infectious excitement for a life constantly seeking something strange or beautiful around the next bend. Still alive today, Gwen lives in Penrith and, at the age of 97 is the oldest and longest standing member of the Pinnacle club, the UK’s only climbing club for women. A humbling and inspiring watch - enjoy this one and be more Gwen!