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Rhapsody, E11, Dave MacLeod | Weekly Video

With Dave Macleod having broken the news on Instagram that he’s repeated Neil Gresham’s latest E11 test piece, Lexicon, we thought it only right that this week’s video pays tribute to him and his latest ascent. So, whilst we wait for any video footage of the climb, we look back to Dave’s first conquest at the grade, Rhapsody, a ground-breaking ascent for the UK trad climbing scene being the first E11 ever climbed. Found on Dumbarton Rock in Scotland, Rhapsody took Dave over two years of work to eventually unlock and finally went down in 2006, check it out at the bottom of the page.

His latest ascent at the grade is proof, yet again, that Macleod is at the very pinnacle of the UK climbing scene. To read Dave’s full account of his experience on the climb, head over to his blog - The imagery is a real highlight, underlining the exposed nature of the route but also the incredible beauty of its wonderful setting in our local Lake District. Enjoy!