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RMNP Summer Sends: Brooke Raboutou & Natalia Grossman | Video

This week’s video is an all-action, all-female bouldering hit from the Rocky Mountain National Park. Courtesy of Mellow, this video documents an incredible 2020 summer of bouldering from Brooke Rabatou and Natalia Grossman, both of whom have just taken the IFSC world cup bouldering circuit by storm. With Natalia claiming back-to-back gold medals and Brooke consecutive podium finishes in the two recent Salt Lake City world cups, the pair have fast become two of the household names on the competition climbing circuit.

Of course, we shouldn’t be surprised at their recent successes with this video (released months before their competitive successes) showcasing their supreme talent on real rock – nice to see the youth of today’s scene pulling on more than just plastic! Together they put down over fifty double digit boulder problems, including eight V13s, during this summer trip to RMNP. Showcasing 11 of their proudest sends from V12-V14, this vid treats us to lichen dappled, alpine surrounded boulders and a homemade production that makes Mellow videos feel special. Historically, America has produced the female climbing pioneers of our time, from Lynn Hill to Alex Puccio; will Natalia and Brooke take up their mantle? Watch for yourselves to find out.