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Grivel | Brand Profile

Who are they?

Founded in 1818, Grivel are the oldest manufacturers of alpine climbing hardware in existence today. The father and son blacksmith team of Cassiano and Dominique Grivel, based out of Courmayeur, Italy were the pioneers that developed the original concepts behind much of the alpine equipment we use today. Having plied their trade crafting agricultural tools for local farmers, the Grivels really made their name satisfying the bizarre demands of a new breed of wealthy tourist who, for reasons unknown to them, wanted to climb the mountains!

What are Grivel known for?

Pioneering spirit. Grivel are the company that developed the first ever ice axe, combining a walking stick with an axe, and the first ever crampon in 1909. It didn’t stop there, these inventions, amongst many others, underwent countless developments to give us the recognised, industry standard products we see today. Nowadays Grivel produce a whole host of fantastic climbing and alpine kit, much of which is industry leading in terms of quality but industry beating in terms of price.

Where are Grivel products made?

All of Grivel’s personal safety products: ice axes, crampons, pitons and helmets are produced in Italy.

Environmental action

Grivel are committed to protecting the pristine alpine environments that shaped them as a company. Here’s how they’re doing it:
  • Using 100% renewable energy from sources such as solar and hydroelectric for over 10 years.
  • Built a large 516 kW photovoltaic system on the roof of their factory in 2010.
  • Using water-based (rather than solvent) paints for over 5 years.
  • Switching away from plastic based packaging to paper and sustainably sourced packaging materials.
  • Much more – check out the dedicated section on Grivel's website.

What sets Grivel apart?

The Grivel family’s bold transformation laid the foundations to put their equipment company at the forefront of alpine tool development for the next 200 years. Today’s line-up of Grivel kit is a proud reflection of an esteemed and proud heritage.

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