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Seb Bouin: MOVE | Weekly Video

This week’s video is a throwback to 2018 as we watch Seb Bouin projecting Move –an Adam Ondra test piece in Flatanger, Norway. With the news having broken this week that Seb Bouin has climbed his long-term Verdon Gorge project, DNA, we’re taking a look back at the route that originally defined Seb’s world class ability and marked his remarkable progression on the journey to climbing 9c. Eventually being his first at the 9b/+ grade (sadly not seen in the film), Seb clearly used this experience on Move as a platform to elevate his climbing to new levels.

Making a cameo appearance here is, of course, Adam Ondra himself and it’s obvious from his short appearance how highly he rates Seb’s ability. From following in the footsteps of Adam to repeating some of his finest lines, Seb’s latest ascent places him firmly alongside Ondra at the very top of the sport climbing game. Taking over 150 days of effort, DNA is the latest and greatest achievement for Seb who just keeps on getting better – enjoy this snippet of his excellence. 

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