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SOTO | Brand Profile

Who are they?

Since 1992 – SOTO (which is translated from the Japanese for “outdoors”) have been creating some of the best stoves in the world.

SOTO’s history goes back to 1978 when parent company, Shinfuji Burner Company, began manufacturing and engineering industrial burners. Founded by Hajime Yamamoto with the goal of creating products that produce the maximum sustainable flame in least amount of time,  Yamamoto was dedicated to generating and integrating the “Blue Flame” into every flaming device conceived. Realising the wide ranging uses for their technology, Shinfuji expanded into other areas outside of industrial and agricultural use. Eventually SOTO was formed to cater for the outdoor market.

To this day SOTO are managed and run by the Yamamoto family.

What are SOTO known for?

Precision Japanese Engineering. Made to the highest standards and featuring true Japanese innovation in original technologies like ‘Blue Flame’ -a blue flame occurs when the fuel combustion is extremely efficient and hot - SOTO stoves have been quietly driving the stove industry forward since their inception in ’78.

Where are SOTO products made?

Everything from the design process through the manufacturing and inspecting of SOTO stoves is done in their factory in Japan.

Environmental Action

Buy nice or buy twice.

What sets SOTO apart?

Japanese engineering.

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