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The Longest Line | Weekly Video

This week’s video is a little bit different, coming to you from the incredible Cairngorm National Park, this special film follows Scottish adventurers Calum Maclean and Jenny Graham (who holds the world record for cycling around the world) as they attempt an end-to-end journey of Britain's longest linear walk without encountering a road. The route in question was first created in 2018 by the map makers at the Ordnance Survey and, of course, the line cuts across the rugged and spectacularly remote landscape of Scotland. Traversing the land without deviance from the line, the route covers 78.55 km (44 miles) from the A9 to the A939 with a total ascent of 5706 metres.

Taking four days, the line encounters just about every terrain you might expect from Britain’s toughest mountainscape, from wading through bog to scrambling up loose slopes of scree, the route has it all. Quintessentially British, this film doesn’t just encapsulate the essence of our beautiful landscape but our adventurous community’s too – light-hearted, often moaning but always experiencing great, authentic adventure. You’ll have noticed the trip was sponsored by the good folk over at Exped, if you want to check out our full range of awesome Exped kit then click here. Enjoy!