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Thermarest | Brand Profile

Who are they?

Originally named ‘Cascade Designs’, Thermarest began life in 1972 as a self inflating camping mattress company. Founded by Boeing engineers and avid mountaineers, John Burroughs, Jim Lea and Neil Anderson - Thermarest truly came to life when the latter two founders were let go in the now-legendary Boeing layoffs. With time on their hands, they dedicated themselves to the quest for a better night’s sleep under the stars. The idea for a self inflating mat? This came from Jim one day while gardening. As he shifted his weight on his foam ground cushion, he heard air escaping from within the pad. The rest, as they say, is history.

Thermarest HQ is in Seattle, North America, but their European HQ can be found in the small town of Midleton, Ireland.

What are Thermarest known for?

Incredible innovation and superb technology that has revolutionised the way we experience the outdoors, making adventures cosy and comfortable so we can make the most of our time outside. Thermarest’s self-inflating sleeping pad technology is market leading and has been since the company’s inception. Models like the NeoAir (first developed in 2009) and the technologies this introduced still reign supreme today whilst Thermarest’s newer, sleeping bag developments are just as cutting-edge.


Where are Thermarest products made?

Thermarest products are designed and tested at their home HQ in Seattle, whilst the products are manufactured at their US HQ’s of Seattle, Reno and Nevada and their European HQ in Midleton, Ireland.

Environmental Action 

By consciously keeping their manufacturing in the US market, Thermarest avoid the unnecessary overseas transportation that comes with outsourcing their production to areas like the far east. At home in their Seattle factory, 97.5% of their energy production comes from renewable sources.

Click here to read Thermarest’s blog article about the action they’re taking to limit their impact on the environment.

What sets Thermarest apart?

Revolutionary innovation.

 thermarest 50th anniversary

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