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YY VerticalBoard | Fingerboard Review

Versatile training, excellent ergonomics, and the beautiful aesthetic that only a piece of the finest wood can deliver, it’s fair to say the new VerticalBoard range of fingerboards from YY Vertical has it all. Having come to prominence for their superb range of portable training tools, YY Vertical now look like they’re here to stay, vying for a permanently fixed seat at the training tool top table with their first foray into wall-mounted fingerboards. Unleashing an eclectic set of 4 fingerboards to market, YY Vertical have targeted every fingerboard user group with different shapes, sizes, and ability levels. I took the First, the Light and the range topping Evo boards for a spin, here’s everything you need to know.

Just Another Fingerboard?

Fingerboards are by no means a new phenomenon. Over the years we’ve seen a multitude of fingerboard shapes and styles in just about every colour and material you could imagine. The new YY fingerboards don’t try and reinvent the wheel, and that’s no bad thing. By blending time tested features with modern training technology, each board is superbly adaptable, offering more scope to my training than any of the myriad of boards I’ve previously trained on.


Ok, so each of the boards is different and comes packed with cool features, but one thing that remains consistent across the entire range is ergonomics. Often the thing that can make or break the truly top end fingerboards, ergonomics and feel are vitally important with a training tool that you’ll likely use on a regular basis. Thankfully with the new YY range the ergonomics are amongst the best I’ve ever trained on with the Poplar wood providing a wonderful mixture of natural grip and skin-friendly texture. The hold depths feel great too with each hold exquisitely engineered to suit the shape of most fingers. Gone are the days of nipping your finger creases on awkwardly sized hold depths and unrounded hold edges, the YY boards feel superb, but which should you choose?


The smallest and most accessible fingerboard in the range, the Light is a compact board with two rows of holds totalling 7 different depths including 2x 30 degree slopers and 2 superbly comfortable warm up jugs. Each hold type on the Light is relatively large with the two 20mm edges on the top row providing the Light’s smallest edge. Ideal as a first fingerboard for those who want to dip their finger in rather than splashing more cash and home wall real estate on larger models like the First. The Light has everything you might want if you’re new to fingerboard training. With the addition of the elastic band hold in the centre of the board, the Light provides the accessibility that newer climbers might be looking for and is perfect for basic exercises like pull ups and repeater hangs without the risk of injury on smaller edge depths. For intermediate/advanced climbers, the Light is still a perfectly viable option, especially if you’re looking for an aesthetic fingerboard that blends into the home environment more discreetly. Although featuring the least holds in the range, I still found plenty of potential in the Light, especially for warming up before a board session or working on one arm isolation exercises on the smaller 20 and 25mm holds – if you’re looking for a functional and uncomplicated fingerboard, then look no further.

Who for? Fingerboard beginners and advanced climbers looking for a smaller option.

Best exercises? Pull ups and supported pull ups.


A beefy version of the Light, the First features the same top two rows found on the Light with an additional bottom row reserved for smaller edges – the bottom row comprises 2x 20mm, 2 x22mm and a 24mm holds. The model I’ve spent the most time with, the Light really is a versatile beast with those smaller holds opening-up a whole host of exercises like max hangs, especially to the improving intermediate climber. Like a gateway drug to harder pulling and smaller edge crimping, the First is the perfect board for those climbers exploring training on smaller holds or max intensity efforts for the first time. The top two rows are there to provide a risk-free warm up with plenty of scope for advanced exercises like weighted pull ups and levers for if you want to introduce more full-body training to your workouts. Like the Light, the First offers much more than just an improving climber’s board with plenty to go at for advanced climbers, especially with the additional bottom row providing a more ergonomic training experience when working on exercises like weighted hangs and one arm isolation exercises.

Who For? Intermediate climbers.
Best exercises? Repeaters across different holds depths and max hangs – the classics.


Unapologetically savage, the YY Evo is a feast for the eyes for fingerboard enthusiasts and training nerds. A smorgasbord of pockets, sloping edges and monos, the Evo has packed peak pulling power into its 19 hold types. Throw in the 10mm hold inserts that come included with the Evo and you’ve got just about every hard fingerboard combination you could ever wish for. Unlike the more accessible Light and the First models, the Evo has been designed for a specific group of advanced climbers and die-hard fingerboard fans.
If the more accessible boards in the range were my go-to for light training and warming up, then the Evo has certainly become my fingerboard for serious training. Out of the three Verticalboards I’ve tested, it was the Evo that allowed me to truly appreciate the excellent ergonomics of the YY collection. There’s nothing like a set of max hangs on 8mm edges or trying to desperately cling onto the 35 degree sloping crimps to thoroughly test the comfort of a fingerboard’s holds – the Evo passed with flying colours. Want to test your crimping ability on sub 10mm edges? Need to work on your sloper game? Or want to mix the two on the sloping pockets? The Evo has got it all.

Who For? Advanced climbers and training number crunchers.
Best exercises? Holding on!


Without doubt the best fingerboarding experience I’ve ever had. The wonderful combination of superb ergonomics, hold design and layout results in 4 outstanding fingerboards that each satisfy different corners of the climbing training world. From fingerboarding first timers to hardcore training fanatics, YY have got you covered with the Verticalboards.

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