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Ash Climbing Portable Hangboard

The Ash Climbing Portable hangboard is a lightweight and compact fingerboard, designed to hang almost anywhere - use it at home or at the crag. Hang in or around your house as the perfect training accessory, take it to the crag as an indispensable warm-up tool or better still use it for both!

Five varying edges offer a range of difficulty - simply flip the board to your desired hold depth. The larger holds (and central edge) are 20mm, while the smaller holds are 15mm and you can also hang the upper external edge as a warm-up jug. Finally, vary the orientation of the hanging cord to alter the angle of the board to make the holds in-cut, flat or sloping edges, dependent on how hard you want to make it for yourself. 

Ash Climbing boards are made from high-quality 24mm birch ply.

Ultralight - much lighter and more packable than cheaper alternatives. 

Pocket Depths

  • Used in the standard mode the outer pockets are 15mm deep, and the centre pocket is 20mm deep.
  • When the fingerboard is flipped the outside pockets increase to 20mm deep.


  • Made in Sheffield, England
  • Dimensions: 40 x 7.5 cm
  • Hang cord included
  • Weight: 298g

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