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HMS Carabiners

HMS carabiners are large carabiners with a wide thick bar that enables better handling of ropes  when used as a belay carabiner. The extra size makes it easier to set up belays and anchors.

Shop for HMS carabiners from leading brands including Black Diamond, DMM and Mammut from our collection below...

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DMM Ceros Screwgate £18.70 £21.99

DMM Shadow HMS Screwgate £16.20 £17.99

Petzl Attache Screw-Lock HMS from £11.20 £16.00

DMM Phantom HMS Screwgate from £13.30 £18.99

Metolius Element £11.95 £13.50
Petzl William Screw Lock £18.90 £21.00

Edelrid HMS Bullet Screw £15.30 £18.00
Wild Country Ascent Lite £11.90 £14.00

Wild Country Xenon HMS £15.30 £18.00

DMM Phantom HMS Locksafe £19.50 £22.99