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Rock + Run 5mm Prusik Loop Kit

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The Rock + Run 5mm Prusik Loop Kit contains two 1.4 m length of 5mm accessory cord, one pink, one yellow. Perfect for making a set of prusik loops. The cord lengths are supplied untied so you will need to know how to tie a 'double fisherman's' knot.

Prusiks are a light and simple solution for self rescue situations such as crevasse rescue or regaining contact with overhanging rock after a fall. Essential kit for mountaineering and ski touring. To ascend a rope use two prusiks together with a 'prusik knot' on each loop; One loop for your harness and the other as foot loop. You  will need an extra sling to extend the foot loop prusik.

You can also use one loop as an 'Autoblock' when abseiling. In this situation you slide the knot  down the rope above your abseil device. It automatically locks under tension if you use loose control of your descent. Highly recommended for all abseiling situations.

The loops of cord can also be used as slings, and are thus multi-functional in a climbing environment.

NB: Accessory cord is static only and is NOT to be used as lead climbing rope. Cord lengths are supplied unknotted.


  • Weight: 60g
  • Breaking Strength: 5.9 kN
  • Material: Polyamide

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