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A Dream of White Horses | Weekly Video

The second video this week comes to you from the wonderfully picturesque sea cliffs of Gogarth. Rising imperiously out of the swell, the Gogarth cliffs are home to a host of 3-star, ultra-classic, multi-pitch trad routes, non-more famous than the focus of this week’s video – ‘A Dream of White Horses’ (HVS 4c). This beautiful BMC video treats us to an historically accurate recreation of the climb’s first ascent which came courtesy of Ed Drummond and Dave Pearce in 1968. Climbed here by top climber, James McHaffie, and Alexis Pearce (son of first ascensionist, Dave), we’re given a fantastic insight into the route and what defines it as one of the most sought-after trad lines in the UK.

Exposed, dramatic and technical, the visionary route has become an icon in the history of British trad climbing. So too has its remarkable first ascensionist, Ed Drummond, with this video being excerpted from Paul Diffley’s recent film, ‘A Dream of Edwin Drummond’. First shown at the 2019 Kendal Mountain Festival, the film seeks to paint Drummond’s character as a climber and a man through recreations of his pioneering climbs and readings of his published stories, tales and biographies. Enjoy these 8 short minutes of magic.