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Boreal | Brand Profile

Who are they?

Boreal was founded in 1975 by Jesus Garcia Lopez in the town of Villena, Spain. The area around Villena has a rich history in footwear manufacturing and Jesus was an expert in the manufacturing processes of footwear production. Originally, Boreal made both lightweight and more robust, Norwegian welted leather mountaineering boots and to this day still produce high quality mountaineering footwear. With a growing reputation, Boreal soon came to the attention of pioneering rock climbers and were approached by the Gallego brothers to develop a superior rubber sole unit specifically for rock climbing shoes. The rest, as they say, is history.

Nowadays, Boreal is run by the Lopez sons, Jesus Junior and Jorge. Jesus Senior contributes from a distance whilst celebrating the company’s success.

What are Boreal known for?

Boreal are notorious for their climbing shoe technology, rubber and range. Throughout the 80s and 90s, Boreal cemented themselves as a household climbing shoe name. On the fantastic feet of Moffatt, Gullich and Moon, Boreal and their new sticky rubber were responsible for ground-breaking first ascents at every grade - from Moffatt’s first 8a+ to Gullich’s world first 9a, Action Directe. Not to mention their Yosemite heritage with the Gallego brothers convincing the likes of Bachar and Hill to join the team, with Lynn Hill using her Boreal’s to make the first free ascent of the nose.

Years later, Boreal’s shoe and rubber game is as strong as ever with classic models and compounds like their Ninja slipper and Zenith rubber compound encapsulating that renowned heritage but delivering it in 21st century style. Ironically, it’s the Boreal Joker that steals the limelight, proving to be the ultimate choice for beginners and those after the perfect blend of performance and all-day comfort.

Where are Boreal products made?

Boreal rock shoes and mountain boots are all made in-house at the Villena HQ. Their running footwear and accessories are constructed in the Far East.

Environmental action

Home-made kit using raw materials that are sourced sustainably, mostly from within Europe.

What sets Boreal apart?

Heritage. Boreal really know how make climbing shoes and, having defined a climbing generation, are still one of the top names in the game.

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