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Fixe Static Ropes | Buying Guide

Fixe are one of the oldest rope manufactures in the world with over 125 years of experience in the rope making sector. We stock a large number of Fixe semi static ropes with various features and specs, which can be a bit bewildering when trying to choose the right rope for your application. We have therefore broken them down into bite size chunks of information so you can make a more informed decision on which static rope is right for you.

Firstly there are a couple of things to be aware of when buying static ropes, they are also known as semi-static ropes and they should be soaked in water and allowed to dry slowly before use. This process allows the rope to shrink by approximately 5% naturally and this shrinkage should be allowed for when ordering the length you require. Secondly, static ropes are tested in accordance with the requirements of EN 1891. This standard defines static ropes into two types, Type A & Type B. Type A ropes are for all kinds of rope access and industrial operations, Type B ropes have lower specifications (e.g. lower breaking strengths) and require greater precaution when in use, therefore they are not suitable for all work operations. They tend to be used in rescue’s with rescue devices. This information will be highlighted in our product descriptions.

Recreational Use

Fixe Espeleo Semi Static Rope 10mm - Type A
A value for money semi static rope designed for recreational use such as caving, abseiling and setting up anchors. Ideal for occasional use in fair conditions.

Fixe Espeleo Endurance Semi Static Rope 9.5mm - Type A
Same as the standard Espeleo, the Endurance version is designed for recreational use such as caving but features their unique Endurance braid which reduces the amount of dirt penetration and water retention, this also gives it a higher resistance to abrasion than the standard Espeleo Semi Static Rope. Making it the perfect choice for heavier use in fair to poor conditions.

Industrial Use

Fixe Ranger Semi Static Rope 10.5mm - Type A
Fixe’s most popular semi static rope has a type A rating and is therefore suitable for all industrial/professional operations as well as recreational. This a value for money option for fair industrial use in fair conditions.

Fixe Pro Semi Static Rope 10.5mm - Type A
This is a step up in performance from the Fixe Ranger thanks to a 48-wire machine, with a braiding of 2 by 2 (braiding of the Fixe Ranger is carried out on a 36-wire machine). This offers a much tighter, smoother finish to the surface of the rope, reducing friction and abrasion, as well as improving it’s overall handling and durability. Perfect for fair to heavy use in fair professional working conditions.

Fixe Pro Endurance Semi Static Rope 9.5mm - Type A
This is the top dog of semi static ropes. Made on the same 48-wire machine as the Pro Semi Static rope but instead features Fixe’s ENDURANCE braiding construction (also known as Herringbone Braiding) which offers a superior feel, greater flexibility and handling, and able to withstand 30% more abrasion cycles than the standard Pro. Plus the smaller diameter of this rope helps shave off some considerable carry weight, weighing in at a mere 59g per meter, when compared to the Fixe Pro Semi Static Rope which weighs 72.5g per meter, that’s a weight saving of 1.3kgs per 100m. This is the ultimate type A rated semi static rope for heavy industrial use in all working conditions.

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