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Lord of CHOSStown | Video

This week’s video is a feature length Mellow special from Colorado, USA. Here, we follow climbing vagabond, Hunter Damiani, and his motley crew of climbing fanatics as they embark upon a journey of bouldering discovery. Featuring 15 first ascents from the Boulder Canyon and Walker Ranch areas, Mellow’s latest feature is jam packed full of pioneering adventure and dirt bag style. With such an eclectic mix of lines, from highball cracks to low ball dynos, there’s something in there for everyone.

Damiani, the Lord of Chosstown himself, could be the moustached love child of Daniel Woods and Kurt Albert with a whacky personality that makes this video feel a little bit special. This, along with a combination of tired looking trousers, fresh Evolv Phantoms and a low-key mullet hairstyle truly iconise Hunter as one of bouldering’s great stateside explorers. The absence of grades from the video is notable but welcome with so much of climbing being influenced or categorised by arbitrary grades. Sure, they’re important details, but on a video like this, their absence allows us to enjoy the climbing for what it is - the beauty of the moves and the wild setting, not just the difficulty.

This one is awesome, grab a beer and enjoy!