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Climbing the Nose - Jorg Verhoeven’s 4th Free Ascent | Video

This week’s video is a throwback to Jorg Verhoeven’s fourth free ascent of The Nose in October 2014. Perhaps the most iconic route in the world, The Nose is nature’s masterpiece and Verhoeven’s diary style video truly captures its magic. Following Jorg as he spends 30 days in Yosemite, living and breathing El Capitan, we’re given a blow by blow account of the trials and tribulations that come with working climbing’s ultimate test piece. Throw in some commentary from Lynn Hill and Tommy Caldwell alongside a classic, Camp 4 Italian on belay and you have Yosemite climbing in all its charming glory.

Verhoeven is one of the best climbers of his generation, making countless hard ascents across the full spectrum of climbing disciplines – not bad for a Netherlands native, a country notorious for its flatness. Coming through the ranks with the likes of Jacob Schubert and the great but, sadly late, David Lama, Verhoeven shot to prominence with years of consistently strong performances on the competition scene. Jorg recently grabbed headlines with a solo ascent of Total Brutal (8b+), climbing high above a road with moving traffic – an ascent he later discussed on his social media as being born out of recent mental health struggles. This video captures Jorg at his very best, happy, psyched and climbing at the limit - let’s hope there’s more of this to come for him. Enjoy!