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Wild Country | Brand Profile

Who are they?

Wild Country were founded in 1977 by British climber Mark Vallance. The company’s inception came after Vallance met American climber Ray Jardine who had made and used prototypes of a camming device he had invented. Jardine couldn’t find anyone to manufacture them in volume but having convinced Vallance of their commercial potential, the pair collaborated to set up a factory in the Peak District with the sole focus of bringing the devices to the climbing market. Years later, what became known as the Friend camming device is now one of the most popular pieces of traditional climbing equipment on the market. It’s not all about the Friend though, Wild Country have produced a complete range of climbing equipment in their Tideswell factory including the first curved nuts and the first flexibly stemmed camming device.

What are Wild Country known for?

Wild Country’s early days were defined by the Friend, but nowadays Wild Country produce a whole host of top-quality climbing kit. What’s noticeable about Wild Country throughout the years is the way they have subtly innovated and built upon kit already in mainstream use. Rather than reinventing the wheel, Wild Country have made small yet decisive changes like curving nuts, hybridising nuts and hexes to create the Rockcentrics, designing load spreading harness technology and releasing the safest assisted braking device on the market in the Revo.

Where are Wild Country products made?

Most of Wild Country’s kit is made in China apart from a few smaller run, specialised pieces of equipment like their Superlight range which is made in the UK.

Environmental Action

Wild Country have been an official bluesign system partner since 2012, a third-party standard for environmental health and safety in all steps of textile manufacturing. Alongside this, Wild Country are eliminating environmentally harmful microplastics and PFCs from their production line as well as using 100% Organic Cotton.

What sets Wild Country apart?

Tactical adaptation. Since inventing the Friend, Wild Country have consistently sought to push the market forward by modifying and evolving the most commonly used kit – a true industry leader.

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