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EB | Brand Profile

by Morgan Cvetkovic-Jones

Who are they?

EB were the original climbing shoe company, making the very first shoe specifically designed and created for climbing on rock. Officially founded in 1950 after French shoemaking extraordinaire, Edmond Bourdonneau, bought Pierre Alain’s fledgling rock shoe company, EB soon became climbing’s household name. In the beginning, EB produced one climbing shoe model which was a boot developed from Alain’s adapted and reinforced training shoes – in 1967 the shoe made its debut in the French catalogue ‘Au Vieux Campeur’ and was henceforth known as the ‘Super Gratton’. EB’s Super Gratton took the climbing world by storm during the 60’s and 70s, proving immensely popular amongst climbers all over the world but particularly those climbing in Fontainebleau, EB’s birthplace.

Evolving throughout the 80’s and 90’s under the likes of Tribout and Delubriac, the EB we know today found its 21st century identity when current owner, Frederic Tuscan, took charge of the company in 2009. Having worked for the company in various roles since 2003, former youth world champion Tuscan has brought EB alongside the competition with a fantastic, modern line-up of performance shoes and an athlete team featuring the likes of leading sport climbers Seb Bouin and Mathew Wright.

EB Climbing History - Super Gratton Climbing Shoes


What are EB known for?

EB are the pioneers of climbing shoe design and have embodied this heritage ever since the release of their famous Super Gratton. In typical French fashion, EB shoes stand out from the crowd with eye catching designs like the sparkling Black Opium and vibrantly coloured Strange. Where EB shoes really excel is in their eclectic variety, covering a range of performance levels with impressive technology and input from their elite athlete team. Utilising a series of in house rubber compounds that are tailored to the ultra high performance shoes at one end, down to the entry level and rental shoes at the other, EB shoes pack some of the best performance punch around.

It doesn’t stop at shoes with EB producing an impressive range of climbing accessories like chalk, chalk bags and crag bags for every climbing adventure.

EB Climbing Shoe Conception

Where are EB products made?

EB climbing shoes are still made in their French factory, just like they were 71 years ago when the company was founded.

Environmental action

EB’s entire range of climbing shoes are vegan with each shoe being made using one of EB’s three sustainable microfibre uppers. EB also make their climbing shoes at home in France, limiting air mileage and ensuring the highest quality for the climber.

What sets EB apart?

Unique history and heritage moulded into a fresh, French take on the climbing shoe.

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