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What Is The Human Potential In Climbing? | Weekly Video

Midtbo and Ondra are back with another fantastically insightful video. This latest episode in their continued collaboration comes from Ondra’s famed home crag, Moravsky Kras, in the North of Brno. If not for Ondra, this quaint, bizarre climbing location might have been known to committed locals only but, through Adam’s development, the crag has become one of most concentrated areas of hard climbing in the world. This isn’t to say the climbing is visitor friendly with Adam and Magnus frequently commenting on the polished rock and the nuanced climbing style – many of Adam’s harder test pieces remain unrepeated for this reason. The limestone rock of Moravsky Kras is reminiscent of some of the UK’s dingier and darker climbing locations but, if it’s good enough to shape the world’s best climber then maybe we should be paying more attention to our own slimy limestone haunts!

The partnership between Magnus and Adam has been rich with climbing knowledge and inside information from some of the world’s very best. From discussions over the world’s strongest climber to the easiest grade the pair have fallen off, the dialogue between the pair is engaging yet easy to digest – this one might be their best video yet.