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Will Bosi talks Mutations, Brandenburg Gate and the future | Weekly Video

Will Bosi has been on another hard sport sending spree, this time at the mecca of British sport climbing – Raven Tor. Making the long-awaited second ascent of Steve McClure’s 1998 masterpiece, ‘Mutation’, on the 31st of October, Will clipped the chains on the long-standing open project, ‘Brandenburg Gate’, but a week later on the 7th of November. Bosi gave both routes a grade of 9a+, an upgrade for McClure’s Mutation which he originally graded 9a back in ’98. Brandenburg Gate was rumoured to be around the 9b mark having thwarted the likes of John Gaskins in the early 2000s, but Will managed to make the impressive ascent on his first ‘proper’ red point session.

This tops off a spectacular year for Will having become the sixth person and first British climber to achieve 9b+ with his first ascent of ‘King Capella’; one of numerous first ascents he made on his Spanish sport trip earlier this year. Following his Spanish conquest, he made short work of Switzerland’s famous bouldering, leaving with a stacked tick list of boulders in the higher 8’s before returning home to complete Raven Tor. Enjoy this insightful interview with Niall Grimes – hang on till the end (or skip to it) for the awesome footage of Will’s Brandenburg ascent.