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EB Django | Climbing Shoe Review

Understated and supremely comfortable but a serious contender for the greatest edging shoe I’ve ever worn. The Django has been my favourite shoe in the EB range to date, prioritising pure power over all-round ability with a technical skillset to rival the very best but, is it a one trick pony? Keep reading to find out more.

Technical Excellence

Classically EB in features and profile, the Django’s third iteration has been refined into a very recognisable EB shoe that embodies the brand but, whilst it shares many similarities with the other shoes in the range, the Django is a unique beast. Built on a last that took 6 years of research and development, the Django’s fit feels remarkably natural and maximises the power pumped through the big toe by the shoe’s extremely asymmetrical profile. These features define the Django and combine in delivering true technical brilliance through the front end of the shoe. Although not as stiff on paper as the super Strange, the Django feels like the stiffer shoe in practice with the snubber front end and full Flex8 midsole proving to be the ultimate edging combination.

In a recent conversation with EB athlete Seb Bouin (interview coming soon), he revealed that his shoe of choice for more technical, vertical climbing terrain is the Django and having sent Biographie 9a+ in it, it’s clear the shoe has real performance pedigree. Whilst I’m not climbing in that grade range, the Django is certainly my pick for longer routes or vertical boulders on edgy rock types outside where the shoe’s superb stiffness and accuracy help to take weight off my hands and make small footholds feel positively huge. One real highlight has been the heel of the shoe which, without any midsole reinforcement like the front of the shoe, feels soft and supple. The Django isn’t going to be your go-to indoor bouldering shoe or your first choice for severely overhanging terrain, but the soft heel adds a small slice of this skillset to the Django’s arsenal – oh, and not to mention how comfortable it is!

EB Django Heel Hooking

Fit and Feel

Speaking of comfort, the Django has to be the comfiest shoe in the range too with the tri-strap Velcro closure system striking a wonderful balance between the convenience of Velcro and the versatility of laces. Like the rest of the EB range, the Django is relatively low volume which suits my feet well but crucially the heel cup has a more forgiving fit and the toe box is snubber and boxier than other EB models, providing room for an aggressive fit and those with a wider heel. Overall comfort has been immensely impressive across EB’s entire shoe collection, but the Django feels unique with its perfected last adding an heir of sophistication to its fit and feel. I downsized 2 EU sizes in the Django which nailed the balance between performance and longer periods of use – on routes, pitches or, for me, completing a circuit in Fontainebleau the Django provided unrivalled support.

The plush Dynamic microfibre used on the Django feels more supportive than EB’s more sensitive Evo microfibre used on models like the Nebula, suiting the Django’s intended technical terrain perfectly. Comfortable right out of the box, the Django should fit a range of foot types with its flatter last meaning wider feet won’t be excluded, although a smaller downsize might be required. With full Vegan credentials, the Django is cruelty free and accessible to all.

EB Django Inside Edging

Round Up

Edging excellence and the complete comfort package, the Django 3.0 is a special shoe. Having quickly become my small footholds favourite, the Django’s are the secret weapon that come with me on every climbing trip. At home on rock but an incredible indoor proposition too, the Django is the complete technical shoe with world class climbing pedigree to boot, check them out!

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