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Red Chili | Brand Profile

Who are they?

Founded in 1996 with the moto, ‘Only climbers know what climbers need’, Red Chili took the 90’s climbing shoe world by storm with new design concepts and a fresh vision for what a climbing shoe should be. Founders and climbing partners Uwe Hofstädter and Stefan Glowacz were inspired to pursue their dream of starting a climbing shoe company at the end of a single day ascent of El Capitan’s West Face. Exhausted after a long day of climbing, Stefan (already a climbing legend at this point) recounts that their feet ‘were burning like hell in the way too tight climbing shoes we were wearing’. From this pain and a Rioja fuelled evening listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers in Uwe’s apartment came Red Chili, the brand that redefined the climbing shoe and shaped the shoes we climb in today.

Over 20 years later and Red Chili are still one of the big players in the climbing shoe market. Having merged with fellow German climbing brand Edelrid in 2017, Red Chili are constantly evolving in their pursuit of the perfect climbing shoe.

What are Red Chili known for? 

An accessible and eclectic line up of shoes that caters to every ability and demographic. Red Chili’s range is a testament to the company’s origins prioritising comfort, accessibility and performance over pain with plenty of lower volume alternatives and an excellent range of kid’s shoes with the new Puzzle providing a safe high end performance option for younger climbers. 

Alongside an impressive line-up of shoes, Red Chili also produce a clothing range and a host of climbing accessories like their super popular Kneerock kneepad.

Red Chili Puzzle Kid's Climbing Shoe

Where are Red Chili products made?

Red Chili climbing shoes are conceptualised and designed at their modern climbing shoe workshop in Isny im Allgäu and manufactured in China, like many other leading climbing shoe brands.

Environmental action 

The Edelrid/Red Chili partnership are incredibly committed to protecting our planet and the best example of this comes from the Ventic Air Lace which is a milestone in climbing shoe sustainability. All textile elements of the shoe’s upper are recycled from post-consumer polyester and produced in line with the Global Recycled Standard (GRS).

To read more about this partnership’s sustainability efforts, click here.

What sets Red Chili apart? 

Only climbers know what climbers need.

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