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King Lines & 8B First Ascents, Aidan Roberts in the Lakes | Video

Wedge are back with another Aidan Roberts send fest, this episode coming from his home patch in the Lake District. Unlike previous videos in this Aidan Roberts mini-series, there’s no Jim Pope, instead he’s substituted for Jimmy the pug who, although not a particularly gifted climber, more than makes up for it in support. Building on the works of Greg Chapman and Dan Varian, Aidan’s latest run of cutting edge first ascents is quickly transforming the Lake District’s bouldering landscape into the UK’s most concentrated spot for top end grades.

Having seen relatively little footage of Aidan climbing, the recent collection of videos from Wedge have truly exposed the raw prowess and power Aidan exhibits on rock. In an interview with Matt Cousins for the Arch’s YT channel (another insightful watch), Aidan was coy when being compared to Daniel Woods. These latest videos make it clear that Aidan is eating at the same table as the world’s bouldering elite and possibly even claiming the largest slice of the pie. With the Lake District fast becoming a mecca for hard problems with a stunning backdrop, how long before the likes of Woods and Webb come looking for their own slice of the action?