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MSR | Brand Profile

By Morgan Cvetkovic-Jones

Who are they?

In 1969, Seattle engineer and lifelong mountaineer Larry Penberthy formed ‘Mountain Safety Research’ as a one-man mission devoted to improving the safety of climbing equipment. The fuel behind Larry's passionate fire was the simple belief that better, safer and more reliable equipment is the key to unlocking greater adventures. Having found that much of the climbing and safety equipment he was using in the mountains failed at far lower loads than their spec had advertised, Larry was determined to revolutionise the industry. Years later and we can safely say that Larry was successful in his aims. Today, many MSR inventions are ubiquitous—remote-burner camp stoves, pit zips on outerwear, cycling helmets and many more. But, more important are the historic expeditions and outdoor adventures they’ve helped unlock around the globe.

What are MSR known for?

MSR are synonymous with the mountain adventurer, providing every bit of kit necessary to survive and thrive in the mountains. MSR’s standout pieces of kit have to be their market leading tents and stoves, both of which have been built to withstand the world’s harshest environments. Having revolutionised stoves with the Model 9, a remote fuel tank stove in 1973 and then again in 2007 with their state-of-the-art Reactor stove system, MSR are the leading name in the gas stove game.

Where are MSR products made?

MSR are proud to make their products in house at their US factories in Seattle and Reno and their Middleton factory in Ireland.

Environmental action

MSR are incredibly dedicated to making the company as sustainable as possible. Whether this is through making products designed to last a life time, creating products that are easily repaired in the field or at one of their repair centres or by recycling things like their packaging and fuel cannisters – MSR lead by example.

What sets MSR apart?

Community consciousness.

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