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Mammut | Brand Profile

Who are they?

Mammut were founded in 1862 by Kaspar Tanner in Wohlen, Switzerland. Tanner, having finished a three-year rope making apprenticeship, embarked upon his own rope company which was later taken over by his son, Oscar (1897). Mammut continued as a rope making business until 1978 when they released their first range of Gore-Tex jackets. From there Mammut grew exponentially and now produce a vast range of climbing, hiking and mountaineering kit that ranks amongst the most premium on the market.
Mammut has around 200 employees working at their headquarters in Seon, Switzerland and runs many establishments all over the world. The central repository for Europe is in Memmingen, Germany, which has been expanded several times, such has been the company’s growing success.

What are Mammut known for?

Rope making heritage. Mammut was started as a rope crafting enterprise and to this day supplies some of the best product on the market. Rope collections like their Crag and Alpine Sender ropes are some of the most versatile and robust on the market, evolutions of classic Mammut models of the past like the Galaxy and Eternity. Some of Mammut’s premium ropes are triple-certified and feature a special sheath made from the finest quality yarns to minimise their weight and diameter.

Alongside an esteemed collection of ropes, Mammut are synonymous with their climbing hardware, rucksacks and innovative devices like the Mammut Smart – an intuitive assisted braking device that doesn’t use any moving parts.

Where are Mammut products made?

While Mammut’s specialist equipment is designed out of their Swiss HQ in Seon, production of their goods is predominately spread across Europe and the Far East.

Environmental action

Mammut became bluesign approved in 2011, ensuring harmful substances were entirely removed from the production line. Since then they have made considerable changes like using Organic cotton, recycling as much as possible and removing polyfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) from their waste water.

What sets Mammut apart?

A premium Swiss feel to every piece of Mammut kit.

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