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Metolius Wood Rock Rings | Fingerboard Review

By Morgan Cvetkovic-Jones

Pasta, toilet roll and training equipment seemed to be the panicked picks of the pre-lockdown masses. A Beastmaker fingerboard was hotter property than PPE whilst social media was awash with the sponsored home-board set-ups of the pros. So, amidst the anxiety, I succumbed to the hysteria and purchased a set of the Metolius Wood Rock Rings.

I’m sure we can all agree, whether a climber, runner or outdoor lover, lockdown was a real struggle; but, what’s one thing you’ve learnt? I’ve learnt that the Metolius Wooden Rings have become one of the essential ingredients in my climbing diet and here’s why.


I have always found the key to efficient training to be simplicity and the wooden iteration of the Metolius Rock Rings perfectly tick that criteria. With three edge sizes of varying depth, (a 38mm warm up edge at the top, a standard 20mm edge in the middle and a 15mm bottom) there is plenty of scope to build a diverse training session around the rings, from the warm up to those limit max hangs.

The whole concept of the Metolius ring series, resin or wood, boasts a slickness that some of the more complicated training tools on the market overlook. Their free-hanging, portable design enables the rings to be used comprehensively in the home or at the crag. This worked a treat during lockdown, often enabling me to make the most of the lockdown’s sublime weather and train outside.

Crafted from a high quality wood, the rings are a delight to fondle. Forcing you to pull harder whilst ensuring your skin stays fresher for longer, there really is no better training materiel than wood. The raw nature of the materials combined with the natural bodily movements that the ring’s hanging design promotes, offers a perfectly pure training feel.

3 Exercises to Try:

  • 1. Fingers - Max hangs

    The classic. [2 years climbing experience recommended]
    4-6 sets of 6-10 second hangs on the 15mm edge with 3-4 minutes of rest time in-between each set. If 10 seconds is too easy, add weight or try with one arm instead of two. If 6 seconds is too hard, try a larger edge size.

    • 2. Core - Leg raises

    Work up to a full front lever by doing sets of leg raises. This involves hanging the 38mm edge and raising your legs to create a 90 degree angle between your outstretched legs and back. Try 4 sets of 5 leg raises with 2 minutes of rest in-between each set.

    • 3. General upper-body - Typewriter pull ups

    The ring’s free hanging design make typewriter pull ups a must, pulling up and then moving laterally over an individual arm to isolate that arm and work it harder. The perfect way to work your lock-off strength and maximise static arm isolation for when you get back on some real rock.

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