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Skin Care and Finger Taping with Alex Megos | Training and Skills

"My skin is generally pretty bad so it’s something I’ve needed to perfect in order to climb hard.” Alexander Megos

Here's a really cool insight for you. One of the world's best and strongest rock climbers, Alex Megos, shares his tips on skin care and maintenance along with some tips on finger taping to protect skin and support strains.

 Alex’s bag of tricks includes:

  • Tape (Alex uses and is supported by KletterRetter).
  • Small emergency brush (in case he forgets his normal brushes).
  • Handcream (Alex uses and is supported by KletterRetter).
  • Nailclippers for cutting nails and skin.
  • Superglue* (which is not good for your skin and should only be used for desperate times, like sending a big project! ).
  • Razor blades** for cutting off dead skin.

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*According to poison experts superglue is "minimally toxic" to humans in small amounts, so used sparingly is unlikely to cause any issues (providing you are not allergic to the substance). It was actually used in the Vietnam War to seal wounds in the battlefield. 

**Please be very careful if you choose to try out this tip - stating the obvious,  razor blades are super sharp and must be handled with extreme caution!