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Most insane Adam Ondra strength Challenge! | Weekly Video

This week’s video comes from one of the most famous and well-known climbing training spaces in the world – Adam Ondra’s old school spray wall at his Brno based gym, Kotelna Boulder Club. Having bought Kotelna when the previous owner could no longer afford to keep it, Ondra specifically retained the old school, hardcore feel to the space. In this video, it’s the turn of climbing’s very own YouTube sensation, Magnus Midtbo, to check it out as Ondra puts him through his paces with some pretty intense training challenges, including that infamous 9c strength test.

In recent years, Adam Ondra has become one of the most accessible professional climbers out there thanks to his own YouTube channel and a committed social media presence but, it’s rare that we get laid back Ondra insights like we do in this video. With Magnus taking the presentational lead throughout the video, Adam is under no pressure to perform like he is in commercial videos or clips for his own media outlets. This means we get an unedited, genuine version of Adam and his training which isn’t just cool to watch but also incredibly informative too. Enjoy.