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Motivation with Dave MacLeod | Training and Skills

Dave MacLeod talks below about how he's managed to stay motivated throughout his 25 Years of climbing and about accepting set backs and keeping moving forward.

"Motivation is the critical under-pinnacle for everything".

Dave mentions that off the top of his head he doesn't know what keeps him motivated and then goes onto to say that he is willing to fail to see improvements, to take a step back in order to take two forward and to just keep turning up day in day out to reap the rewards when it all comes together. He says that climbing outdoors is what really ignites the fire to train harder and come back stronger.

With motivation comes consistency and with that comes results. Make an effort to put in the "action" even if that's just turning up when you're feeling a bit demotivated as this is usually when you have your best sessions. The action leads into a "reaction" which is inspiration to keep turning up and keep improving, this then ultimately leads to motivation and thus consistency when repeated.


  • "Try something again and again before you'll get a meaningful success" Learn to enjoy the process of training and figuring out a new problem.
  • Everyone is bad when starting out
  • Surround yourself with highly motivated people
  • Test yourself
  • Climb outdoors. Enjoy the scenery and environment

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