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Opening the Account | Weekly Video

This week’s video hit comes from the stunning Switzerland where Jim Pope and Aidan Roberts are taking on Ticino’s finest lines. The region speaks for itself in terms of its sheer quality, but this video is a particularly beautiful representation of everything Switzerland has to offer. Jim sums it up nicely when he says, ‘even the worst bit of rock here would be the best bit of rock we have (in the UK)’.

Aidan’s flash of Vecchio Leone 8B is the real highlight of the show – 8B boulder flashes have become increasingly common, but Aidan dispatches this with particular panache. If you enjoy this then make sure to check out the second instalment which premieres tonight (22/4/22) at 6pm UK time!

If you feel inspired and need a guidebook for your trip, take a look at our Switzerland Guidebooks.