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Hard Highball First Ascent on Irish Granite | Weekly Video

This week’s video comes from a typically soggy Ireland where Robbie Phillips battles the conditions to put up a new highball first ascent. With quintessentially Irish weather, Scarpa’s Scotsman is time pressured to put up his new line. You heard that right folks, even the professionals get put off by rain. Regardless of the weather, Ireland’s stunning landscape is clearly matched by its world class rock. An unknown quantity to the global climbing community, Ireland has some epic rock on offer and Robbie’s latest project in Wicklow is the perfect example. Standing tall with that creamy Granite glow, it’s just begging to be climbed.

Not your typical bouldering trip destination, Wicklow won’t appear on the same lists as sexier locations like Fontainebleau, Magic Wood or Rocklands. But, exotic appeal aside, the bouldering in Ireland is truly world class and should definitely be considered as a left field alternative to the obvious choices. If Ireland peaks your interest, check out our collection of Irish climbing guides.

Like the look of Robbie’s climbing shoes? Check out the Scarpa Chimera.