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Will Bosi's Czech Rampage | Weekly Video

What do you get if you mix Britain’s best sport climber and the dirty limestone caves that shaped the leading climber of our generation? You guessed it folks, someone has finally visited Adam Ondra’s home crags at Moravski Kras. Having been on a journey of climbing discovery that has seen him open new lines and repeat classics, Will Bosi has taken a break from the competition climbing scene to invest even more time in his outdoor projects. In this video he chats to Niall Grimes about his recent and very successful trip to the Czech Republic and the inspiration behind it. 

Dank, dark and hard – Ondra’s local crags have established an air of mystery over the years as we’ve been given glimpses of his cutting-edge projects and snippets of climbing footage on videos and feature films. But, never before has an elite level climber visited the area to send hard and share in Ondra’s pyche for Czech limestone, until now. Developing a taste for uncovering mystery with his ascents of Jon Gaskin’s questioned hard ascents, Bosi is venturing into the unknown yet again to discover the makings of a climbing legend. An incredibly insightful video with loads of psyche, enjoy!