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Rock+Run Showdown & Home Turf | Bouldering Mats Review

By: Morgan Cvetkovic-Jones

Bouldering is, without doubt, the most social of our climbing disciplines. But, for some of us, bouldering can be a solitary pursuit of peaceful introspection, desperately searching for that next hard ascent with only a single pad to break our fall. That’s where the Showdown and the Home Turf crash pads come in, the perfect slimline companion for any solo boulderer looking for some additional foamy friends to keep you company and help keep your landing safe. Read on for the foam layered details.

Throw down the Showdown

If you’re new to the bouldering game, then you might be wondering what these pads are for. The Showdown and the Home Turf are ‘mini’ crash pads, the younger, slimmer sibling to the larger, ‘mattress’ style crash pad. Rather than taking the brunt of a fall, these smaller pads are designed to cover up gaps between your bigger pads, reenforce the join between neighbouring pads or simply offer additional protection from protruding nasties, such as embedded rocks or tree roots. 

The Showdown and the Home Turf have completely transformed the way I approach a boulder. I can take one big pad with these two neatly stowed inside for the same landing coverage as two big pads but with half the fuss – perfect for those longer walk ins. The Showdown is the bigger of the two, playing back up to your main pad and providing fantastic ground coverage. The Home Turf, although slightly smaller, is just as versatile, covering gaps between pads, smothering spikey objects and protecting your bottom on hard sit starts- where failure means slamming back to earth with a thud.

The Foam Turf

The build quality of the pads is terrific. Designed and printed in house and hand made by local Lake District company, Dirt Bags, there isn’t a seam out of place. The 1000dn fabrics are super tough and have stood up to the perils of being a British bouldering pad without so much as a scrape. The padding comes from a single sheet of stiff 25mm close-cell foam, which helps the pads maintain their shape whilst providing ample impact protection. The baffled zipper on the underside of the pad is a neat touch, allowing you to wash the outer fabric and giving you the option to replace the foam if it ever needs refreshing – good for your wallet, even better for the planet!

To fold it up

A must have for any keen boulderer, the Showdown and the Home Turf have to be the best in class, thanks to their solid performance, competitive prices and sustainable, local craftsmanship. 

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