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Sierra Blair-Coyle Battles with Offwidth Climbing | Weekly Video

Happy New Year! We’re back with the first Friday video of 2022 so, we’ve gone for a light-hearted one to start the year right and alleviate those January blues. We can always count on the Wide Boyz for some fun, laid back content and their latest video is no different, taking competition climber Sierra Blair-Coyle offwidth crack climbing for the first time. 

Typically, painful, grim and dirty, offwidthing is one of the darker arts of the climbing world, especially for us Brits with the fair isles of Britain yielding little in the way of any decent offwidth climbing. So, if you’re like me and haven’t got a clue about offwidths then this video is a nice introduction to the kit, the techniques and, most importantly, the taping. Mary (aka the Tradprincess) is a great teacher whilst professional climber Sierra is the ideal offwidth Guinea Pig, highlighting just how tricky this bizarre climbing style can be. So, if your New Year’s resolution is to become an offwidth climber, you might want to watch this before you book those plane tickets to America! Enjoy.