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Breaking Beta on Silence | Weekly Video

This week's video comes from Europe's current hub for elite sport climbing action - Flatanger cave in Norway. Here, Stefano Ghisolfi, as well as Jakob Schubert and Adam Ondra himself, are working on projects old and new with Stefano's main focus being Ondra's famous 9c route, Silence. Kicking off the video on a call with Pete Whittaker, the video earns its name as we see Stefano explore numerous different betas for the notorious inverted toe jam crux.

5 years on from Adam Ondra's incredible first ascent, we're finally seeing Silence in all its glory. Although the original film about Adam's ascent was a fantastic insight into the process, we didn't see the route broken down into as much detail as Stefano's videos give us - now we can appreciate how hard it truly is. Can Stefano break it down and make it through the crux? You'll have to click below to find out. Enjoy!