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boreal climbing company logoBOREAL are one of the leading global climbing shoe manufacturers. They produce all climbing shoes, mountaineering boots and the majority of the other products in-house at their factory in Villena, Spain. We stock a huge collection of footwear by Boreal, to suit all types of climbers, scramblers and mountaineers out there. Take a look at our collection below...
Boreal Ace £87.95 £110.00
Boreal Alpha VC £55.95 £70.00
8 reviews
Boreal Joker Lace Womens £63.95 £80.00
1 review
Boreal Ninja £79.95 £100.00
1 review
Boreal Satori £95.95 £120.00
1 review
Boreal Sendai Womens £95.95 £120.00
Boreal Silex Lace £67.95 £85.00
15 reviews
Boreal Silex Velcro £67.95 £85.00
1 review