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Rock + Run

Rock + Run Shaped Boars Hair Brush


The Rock + Run Shaped Boars Hair Brush is a larger version of our original Boars Hair Brush, perfect for those who want a brush better suited to larger holds, slopers and indoor volumes. 

We brought over 30 years of bouldering and rock climbing know-how to bear on the design of our large, super solid, high density bristled "shaped" climbing brush.

Whether you're dressing down an overly used volume at your local climbing wall or cleaning up a monster sloper at the Horse Pens 40, the Rock + Run Shaped Boars Hair Brush is designed to offer you the ultimate performance on any hold with a large surface area.


  • Over 10,000 bristles - matches the best on the market
  • Comes unpackaged - zero waste 


  • Bristles: Boar Hair 
  • Shaft: Nylon
  • Length: 18cm
  • Brush head width: 3cm
  • Hole for cord harness: Yes
  • Weight: 26g


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