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Climbing Shoes

Climbing shoes are specialised footwear that have a close fit and a sticky rubber sole. Climbing shoes enable you to stand on small holds and provide extra grip.

We have men's, women's and kid's climbing shoes that can be used for indoor and outdoor climbing, suited to bouldering, sport and traditional climbing. We have entry level climbing shoes for beginners right through to high end performance shoes for those pushing their grade.

Shop for climbing shoes from leading brands including Scarpa, La Sportiva and Evolv from our collection below...

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Scarpa Veloce £103.50 £115.00
4 reviews
La Sportiva Solution Comp £131.50 £155.00
1 review
Scarpa Furia Air £114.00 £140.00
3 reviews
Boreal Beta £64.95 £80.00
1 review
Scarpa Veloce Womens £103.50 £115.00
1 review
Scarpa Reflex V £66.95 £80.00
1 review
Evolv Zenist £116.00 £145.00
1 review
La Sportiva Theory £120.00 £150.00
2 reviews
Scarpa Reflex V Kid £53.95 £60.00
1 review
La Sportiva Kubo £115.00 £135.00
1 review
Evolv Zenist Womens £116.00 £145.00
1 review
La Sportiva Kubo Womens £115.00 £135.00
La Sportiva Mantra £121.80 £140.00